If it’s been almost a year since your medical marijuana card was issued, you’re going to need to renew your card with the state. At Halo Healthcare, we’re focused on providing a simple process to help you renew your medical marijuana card quickly and efficiently.

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Chances are you’ve received a reminder from the state letting you know that it’s approaching the one year anniversary of your medical marijuana certification. If you’re approaching the one year mark, you’ll want to book an appointment as soon as possible, to avoid delays accessing medical marijuana.


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Renew Your Patient ID Number.

When you registered for your Patient ID number, you would have set up a login and password for the state. You’ll need to have that handy to renew your Patient ID number (which must be done BEFORE you see the doctor). To do that visit: https://padohmmp.custhelp.com/app/login on a computer (the website isn’t very usable on a mobile device) and answer a few simple questions. NOTE: Wait until you’re almost ready to see the doctor as your current card will become inactive once you complete this step.

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Get Your New Card in The Mail!

After you’ve met with the doctor, we’ll submit the paperwork to the state and you’ll automatically receive your medical marijuana card in the mail. Please remember that once you’ve begun the renewal process you WILL NOT be able to use your existing medical marijuana card.