Is chronic pain preventing you from enjoying life?  We are here to help!

Halo Healthcare’s Pain Management Center helps get you up and running and back to what matters.   Our Philadelphia based centers provide patients with a variety of solutions to their acute and chronic pain.

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Do You Suffer From Any of the Following?

Chronic Pain

Back & Neck Pain

Knee & Wrist Pain

Foot & Ankle Pain

Services we Provide

Trigger Point Injections

Full Body Adjustments

Medication Therapy

Medical Cannabis Certifications

Massage & Stretch Therapy

What Is Medical Marijuana?

“An incredible place to begin the next step of your life!”

Greg S.

“The kindest and most considerate doctor I’ve ever had!”

Alicia P.

“Everyone else gave up on me, until I went to Halo Healthcare. Now I am back to living my life!”

Kenya R.