The Halo Way

Introducing Halo’s Hand-Crafted Healthcare

The Simple Solution to a Time Honored Problem.  We realized some appointments and patients just may need more Attention, Time, and Customized Care. And nobody knows your body better than YOU. 

So we gave our Patients the Power of Choice. YOU customize the length of time you see the provider. And only pay for the time you reserve. No surprises. 

Unsure of how much time you will need? We are happy to give you a suggestion! We know your time is valuable and we don’t intend on wasting it. Refer to our “Common Types of Appointments” below for an idea of how much time you may need.

Common Types of Appointments

It’s Been a While

Initial Primary Care Checkup
45-60 minutes

Getting Lined Back Up

Follow up Back and Neck Adjustments
15 minutes

The Ouch!

Initial Pain Management Evaluation
45-60 minutes

Got some Things on my Mind

Mental Health Services Follow Up
30-45 minutes

Just got to get it Checked Out

Urgent Care Appointment
Varies depending on the injury
(Can be as quick as 10 minutes in some cases!)

If you have an issue that needs more time and care, we expect you to do your part by booking an appropriate length of time. It’s usually not an issue, but we thought we’d kindly mention it. Just in case.